Qulliqs for Inuit Now Available Through UIIP

Urban Inuit Identity Project has launched a new project to provide urban Inuit qulliq for personal healing or to maintain Inuit ways of being by providing them to organizations who help Inuit. Qulliq have been used and maintained by Inuit women since time in memorial. They were used to keep the igloo or sod house warm, and lit. They would be used for cooking on top of and drying clothes. When a woman could tend to it and keep it lit 24/7, then she was ready for her own home too. Nowadays Inuit are using qulliq to host important meetings, and create safe spaces for healing too. The qulliq is highly regarded by men and women.

We are now selling Qulliq to Inuit or to those who are helping Inuit in healing spaces and activities. Please submit a contact form to begin your purchase. They are plus taxes and shipping. Shipping insurance is encourage and rates fluctuate based on how many qulliit (qulliq plural) you are buying and the shipping destination. Payment for qulliq is required on day of sale. Organizations who purchase qulliit have a 1 week grace period to send payment. The shipping fee will be provided after the purchase, please provide your mailing address in the registration form too. You will receive an invoice with payment instructions once you have decided to purchase a qulliq.

They are first come first serve. You will receive a “paid” invoice for book keeping as a confirmation of payment.

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The next sale is July 5th, 2024! Registration required.