Work With Us in Health Care

Being grounded in Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit includes living from a foundation of Inuit traditional knowledge, which is at the heart of health and wellness for Inuit. Mind, body, spirit and emotion are one unit and all of these areas are required in being healthy which is different in the Western medicine that is used today. With cultural awareness teachings through workshops, this learned philosophy will help bridge the gap between health care workers and Inuit, further it will result in culturally compassionate care, where trust can be built and again, better health outcomes can be achieved. Bridging the gaps means providing the tools necessary for health care workers to communicate and understand our Indigenous people.

The resource tool: The Inuit Box works as a bridge between Spiritual workers such as chaplains, and Indigenous patient facilitators in hospitals, to Inuit patients to log their health progress through a custom Journal, and send custom Postcards to family. Sensory and taste items are also included in the box from Inuit Traditional Land in the form of Tea, and the Ookpik. Arctic Cotton Grass for the Qulliq can also be included for Inuit Spiritual needs. Inuktitut language bibles can also be arranged. Boxes are customizable, prices vary.

Work With Us in Social Services

People requesting care from social services are already in a vulnerable position, it is important to understand your role with our Inuit and our history that will help in communications, and mutual understanding. By advancing practitioners in Inuit cultural safety training, they will provide support with respect to indigenous diversity and with understanding of the distinction between, First Nation, Metis and Inuit populations. Workers and practitioners will be able to provide resources and connect our Inuit with Inuit specific support services outside of Inuit Nunangat that help in areas such as employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, justice, education and health needs through cultural awareness workshops.

The resource tool: Inuk Box is used for Friendship Centres to give to their Inuit clients and are created to meet the needs of the organization’s needs for example in restorative justice, mental health and addiction or the cultural department. Items can include, Journals, Seal Fur Ornaments, Ookpik, Tea, Arctic Cotton Grass, and Custom Inuit Pens, Postcards. As well as Cultural Resources for the Inuk and support worker.

The resource tool: Inuit Sharing Box is created for schools to be able to teach Indigenous children about Inuit, and for Inuit to be able to touch and feel items from Inuit Nunangat, our Traditional Lands, Water and Ice. Items can include Recipes, Teas, Arctic Cotton and Postcards, and Post Secondary Resources.

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